• Genset on rent

    Pioneer Genset on rent the possibility of reaching astounding
    and incredible success.We provide genset on rent all over chennai and Tamilnadu. Genset rental solution is our primary service to all over tamilnadu with best service and good customer support.

    Since our arrival, we created a brand reputation for our services in providing various Genset that are available for hire and we provide them all across Chennai. Pioneer India has the knack of redefining the proper success that are hard to retain.

    We provide you both the Generator sourcing and installation services vice versa, We also perform process of testing, repairing, maintenance of wide range of generators and Gensets by the best minds in the business, our customers will relish the generator services that we provide across Chennai, we also prefer servicing plans that are tailor made to suit every individual needs of clients over a period of time with sustained satisfaction.
    We have a set of ethical, professionally well trained technicians to provide maintenance services. They have vast experience in wider area of troubleshooting, servicing and also in maintenance of reputed generators that are hard to find .

    Pioneer India has had its own share of rapid growth in the fields of generator Hire, Generator Rentals, Small Generators, Diesel Generator Rentals which are distributed across every parts in Chennai and in India too.

    Genset on rent for Various Industries serve

    • Genset rental in oil and gas industry
    • Genset rental in Mining industry in Chennai
    • Genset rental for government projects Tamilnadu
    • Genset rental for IT Industry in Chennai, Nungambakkam
    • Generator on hire for event industry
    • Generator on rental for banking industry
    • Genset on hire for Heavy Industry Avadi, Chennai
    • Genset on rent

      We are the leading service provider engaged in offering genset on rent. We offer genset widely used in houses, offices and factories. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals who can provide you with Power Solutions around Chennai.

      We work around the clock with a dedicated quality of generators, equipment and accessories that are used a s a standby to bring you power 24 hours. We also offer special discounts for long duration Rental diesel generator. We provided generators as per the demands of the clients.

      We offer standby, emergency or continuous genset on rent as per the requirement. We work along with the customers during and after the installation and provide full technical advice and back-up.

      Why choose us?

      Our engineers experiment and bring newer and easier solutions to our clients.
      Reliable firm with long experience
      Latest model and readily available for use
      Affordable rates and fits your Budget

Welcome to Pioneer Power – Generator Rental

The ‘Stable’ power behind any successful endeavor

Pioneer Power Service Private Limited is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch generator rental and allied services in India. As a leading generator power rental solutions company, we have a rich history of creating consistent value for our customers and stakeholders with our reliable-yet-flexible approach and complete genset rental solutions.


Diesel Generators

Skid-type and trailer mounted models
rental diesel generators

Pioneer Power Service Private Limited is a forward-thinking organization of diligent professionals offering top-notch generator rental and allied services.


Dry and wet type transformers
rental diesel generators 1

Most of our transformers are capable of rapid deployment with little or no modifications required at the client side.This ensures a seamless flow process & quick installation.

Load Banks

Total flexibility to test any power source
rental diesel generators 2

The load banks provided by Pioneer Power Services Private Limited are workhorses that give you the total flexibility to test any power source


Pioneer Power Service Pvt Ltd, has provided their Hire DG set in very short notice period of 2-days and deployed 2 X 1250 KVA & 1 X 1010 KVA Hire DG set at Medak District, AP State and our production is on. One can depend their services and they are good. DGM, MRF Ltd, Chennai.


Pioneer Power Service Pvt Ltd is an excellent Rental power provider In India to tackle any kind of power crisis, criticality & demands. They have excellent client side experience, backing up the practical with professional understanding of the Power demand and rapid action... Mr Amarnath Reddy, Project Manager, Amararaja Batteries Ltd, Renigunta.


We definitely say that I'd recommend Pioneer Power Service Pvt Ltd to anyone. The team was critical to us dissecting the consumer insights to be able to provide instant 1010 KVA Diesel Power Generators on Hire power in the span of 12-hours and our production resumed... Chandrasekar, Alstom T&D India Ltd.


    • Generator on hire:

                 Pioneer Generator is well known for providing the finest quality of renting and hiring of Mahindra diesel generators. We offer the best quality diesel generators that are maintained at regular intervals of time, to ensure high functionality, longer serving life and outstanding energy efficiency.

      With our best service experience in the power generation industry, we are ready to match the right generator and accessories to meet your power needs. We are a dedicated to being the best at what we do, particularly in the areas of customer support & service. We supply a wide range of generator on Hire from 15 KVA to 1500 KVA at competitive rates, based on the client requirement and its wide distribution network. We offer Generator with fuel-efficient, self-contained, easily transportable, cost effective, Silent Generators and designed to handle the requirements of the customer who hire the Generator.

      Why should we hire Diesel generator set ?

      Generator on hire the automation tightening its grasp on every other industry need of consistent power supply started becoming the detrimental factor in the growth of any companies.hire on Generator on hire the service industries converting their databases to digital a nonstop supply of electricity, for Generator on hire huge industries setting up the facility in far flung areas to save the land cost and labor cost, for hospitals the lifesaving equipment’s all need a continuous parallel power source. Generator on hire most economical, long cycled and reliable equipment is a  set.The widely stated reasons for generators being a part of capital investment of Diesel generator set on hire are :

      •         Generator on hire factory or industrial or a service industry set up is on leased property. In the case of leased property, the chances of relocation remains are high. A continuous supply of power source by Generator on hire Diesel generator set on hire gives your plant flexibility.
      •   Because of power flexibility and transportation by the rental company the Diesel generator sets on hire.
      •    Generator on hire  best Diesel generator set hire Company will help you save on investing in a property that is depreciative in nature and will help you invest on appreciating assets.

      What are the features of a best Diesel generator set Hire Company?

        •         The Diesel generator set on hire should be customized in desired manner to meet your needs.
        •         A Diesel generator set in an acoustic enclosure rendering the noise levels at 67 dBA @ 1m company should be provided
        •         For quick and easy to set up and minimum maintenance demanding is a key feature in Diesel generator set on hire

      The Diesel generator  set emission quality should be within govt. permissible ranges.
      Generator On hire from 15KVA to 2000KVA to keep all the depending machinery running & people are busy in core activities. Our 100% Generator on hire  are sound proof with acoustic enclosure to keep the unwanted sound in control as per the rules. Also have Mobile Generator on hire  to cater the need of Road construction or any big infrastructure projects